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Law Firm Practice Group

How Goodstone Group Helps Law Firms Thrive

How do you rise to the top in a legal marketplace that’s never been so complex and competitive?

To be successful, lawyers must have strong client relation skills, innovative business development strategies, wise talent management, strategic agility and organizational savvy. And yet growing these capabilities can be challenging as you encounter ever-increasing workloads, inconsistent mentoring and sponsorship, a shortage of real-time learning opportunities, and your need to focus on day-to-day client demands.

At Goodstone Group, we understand these challenges and have a variety of methods to help you face them. Our professional development programs dovetail with your normal work activities to streamline the skill-building process. We also keep the focus on tactics that are both highly effective and simple-to-execute so you create momentum and keep your ROI high. Our offerings include:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Group and Team Coaching
  • Skill-building Workshops

Unique Leadership; Experienced Team; a Law-Centric Approach

Goodstone’s Law Firm Practice Group is led by two seasoned attorneys who believe lawyers can prosper when skill-building at law firms is made faster, easier, and more focused. Kathy Dockry and Debby Stone have a point of view that is grounded in decades of legal practice, management consulting and leading large complex organizations in national and global markets. Our leadership team also has direct in-house experience in assessing and hiring law firms. Click here for link to bios.

We have also assembled an experienced team of coaches through a thorough screening process that sets an unusually high bar. Our coaches have top level coaching credentials, extensive coaching experience and high-caliber experience working with law firms.

Finally, our approach recognizes the time demands lawyers face and keeps the focus on techniques that are highly effective, practical and easy-to-execute. We frequently introduce our clients to tactics that are entirely new in the field, and we are always adding to our own repertoire. The result for our law firm clients? The continued ability to stay ahead of the competition.

For more information, contact:

Kathy Dockry and Debby Stone
Law Firm Practice Co-Leads
Goodstone Group