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Our Approach

Our approach to targeted behavioral coaching – our core strength – is distinctive in two respects. First, we apply a set of proven coaching principles that result in real changes in behavior. Second, all of our coaches understand the world in which business leaders operate, and they have the experience and skills to help senior leaders change.

Goodstone Group experience shows that the most powerful driver of successful behavioral change is a leader’s partnership with stakeholders to obtain feedback, reflect, and act upon it. We therefore see the coach as a catalyst, not as the driver of the change process. Our coaches support leaders by facilitating conversations with stakeholders and interpreting their suggestions about what and how to change, asking the right questions, providing a safe space to explore feedback and practice new behaviors, and encouraging the discipline needed to sustain change.

Our Principles

  • Keep it simple and focused: work on one or two behavioral goals over the course of the coaching engagement
  • Support the leader to disclose these goals to key stakeholders, in order to create greater accountability
  • Ask stakeholders for feedback, keeping the focus on what the leader needs to change in the future, rather than on the impact of his or her past behavior
  • Encourage the leader to be intentional in practicing new behaviors and in following up with stakeholders — make sure that the new behaviors are noticed and adjusted as needed, in the event of over- or under-correction
  • Measure results as perceived by those who experience the leader’s behaviors, not according to the leader or the coach.

The consistency and simplicity of this approach is what makes it work. Through the transparency of the coaching process and the coach’s role, we create focus and clarity around the actions that a leader needs to take on his or her own.We recognize that certain circumstances require a more discreet approach and that it’s not always possible to include stakeholders in the process, at least not initially. In these situations, we work with you to structure the coaching assignment to meet your goals.

Elements of a typical Goodstone Group coaching engagement