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Who We Are

Goodstone Group is a global network of business savvy behavioral coaches. All of our coaches go through a rigorous selection process so that we can guarantee our clients are working with the best coaches in the profession.

The Goodstone Group Coach Network at a Glance

  • Significant senior management experience
    • At least 10 years of business leadership in a division-head, VP, or higher-level role
    • Functional experience in strategy, sales & marketing, IT, manufacturing, operations, legal, finance, HR, customer service
  • Proven success as outside-in professional coaches at senior levels
    • 65 coaches, most of whom have been coaching 10+ years; nearly all for 5+ years
    • Collectively, we have coached more than 1000 C-level executives, many more at senior and middle-management levels
  • Educational credentials in business and behavioral change
    • 85% hold at least one advanced degree; approximately 20% have MBAs
    • Nearly all have completed a rigorous coaching program and/or earned an advanced degree in a behavioral discipline