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Goodstone Group provides three types of coaching services:

  1. One-on-one leadership coaching for successful leaders who are working to expand their leadership effectiveness; for leaders who are preparing to move into or have recently taken on new roles; and for leaders who are underperforming because of unproductive leadership behaviors.
  2. Coaching for teams who need to improve members’ individual or team effectiveness. Our team coaching work always begins with a team diagnostic to identify improvement opportunities and members’ buy-in to need for change. ¬†The diagnostic is followed by optional design and delivery of appropriate skill building practice (e.g. dealing with conflict; increasing commitment/accountability/trust; improving delivery of results).
  3. Group learning programs for groups of leaders with a shared development need in selected areas. ¬†Development areas supported are: broadening influence skills, developing more impactful communications, and developing coaching skills for leaders. These programs always include an application coaching component to practice the target skills and are customized to make them most relevant to a client’s learning need, context, and culture.