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How We Select Coaches

We work very hard to find the right coaches to serve our clients, and we are extremely selective about the people we choose, resulting in consistent quality that is rare in the coaching marketplace. In fact, we accept less than 10% of the candidates who seek to become part of the Goodstone Group network.

All of our executive coaches bring a strong mix of business experience, organizational savvy, behavioral expertise, and self-development to their coaching. We look for coaches who have a combination of the following:

  1. A minimum of 10 years of business leadership, preferably leading to the VP level or above in a Fortune 1000 company or the equivalent in a major professional services firm;
  2. Formal education in the behavioral sciences and/or completion of a robust coach training program that requires a combination of substantial classroom work, supervised coaching of clients, personal development work, and a performance assessment leading to certification;
  3. Three or more years experience as an external coach working with executives in senior and other critical leadership roles, with demonstrated impact and funded by the executives’ employer; and
  4. Strong evidence of self-awareness, humility, interest in continued learning, and personal communications skills.

To identify coaches who meet these criteria and are a strong match for the needs of our clients, we use a rigorous selection process that includes:

  • A comprehensive screening application to understand the depth and breadth of coaching experience, motivation to coach, humility, approach to coaching, and corporate savvy
  • Multiple discussions between senior members of Goodstone Group and the coach candidate to further explore skill and experience fit with Goodstone Group and the clients we serve
  • Interviews with the coach’s current or recent clients to understand the experience and impact of working with the candidate coach
  • Observation of coaching skills in a mandatory training program
  • Selective ongoing monitoring of engagement impact and client satisfaction