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Kathy Gallo

Kathy is Managing Partner of Goodstone Group and is responsible for client and network development globally. In addition, she coaches senior executives and high potential leaders wanting to take their leadership effectiveness to the next level.

Professional Expertise/Services

As Kathy believes that leadership expectations have to be defined in the context of a leader’s business, organization, culture, and current/desired role, she begins her coaching work by understanding each of those dimensions. She brings extensive experience working with individual leaders, with business functions, and with entire organizations to understand business based leadership expectations, to constructively communicate them, and then to help leaders to meet them.

With more than 16 years in a leading global management consulting firm with an up-or-out performance culture, she’s deeply skilled at supporting very smart, driven, and successful leaders who receive feedback about expectations for moving up or gaining broader support at the most senior levels. A particular strength is in discovering behaviors underlying the often vague terms used to describe unmet expectations – “doesn’t fill the room”; “doesn’t convey strategic thinking”; “struggles to develop average performers”; “acts like a second in command”; “not visible enough”. Following translation, Kathy supports her clients in taking the risks needed to experiment with new behaviors and in staying disciplined to the point of competence.

Recent Coaching Experience

Kathy’s current and recent clients include senior executives in financial services, management consulting, executive search, transportation, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, and higher education.

Current/recent engagements include:

  • Corporate Controller for Fortune 50 firm to accelerate readiness for succession to CFO
  • Chief level operating officer of fast-growing technology firm to develop more effective interpersonal skills and to prepare for succession to CEO role
  • Partner(s) of leading management consulting firm to develop more effective senior client presence
  • High potential leader in Fortune 100 global financial firm, to develop greater political savvy and to strengthen relationships with key internal stakeholders
  • Newly hired leader of communications function for prestigious university, to acclimate to academia and accelerate transition into new high profile role
  • Executive Director of education foundation to develop less-defensive communications style with Board and more effective staff management skills
  • High potential, introverted leader in global financial services firm to develop and demonstrate more self-confidence in highly extroverted, aggressive culture
  • MD in leading private equity firm to transition mindset and behaviors from expert to trusted advisor
  • Senior deal maker major financing firm to develop and communicate greater conviction on key investment decisions