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Professional Experience

Angela draws on over 20 years of corporate experience spanning the UK, pan-Asian and global media markets.  She works with executives across a broad range of geographies, industries, and functional areas to improve their leadership effectiveness and business savvy.  Through a thorough assessment of an individual’s leadership capabilities, Angela provides practical action steps to achieve desired behavioral change.

Angela provides executive coaching services to global organizations, supporting business leaders to identify their style, enabling them to work to their full potential in a multicultural arena.  Having worked in Asia (Singapore 3 years, China 8 years) she has supported both expats and Chinese nationals tackling the business and communication challenges of China today.  She coaches with a clear focus on leadership development within a multicultural environment and much of her work is based on leadership and interpersonal skills development.

Her background in highly competitive media sales in an international environment, lends to her strengths and credibility in the business world.

Recent Coaching Assignments

  • CEO of public sector conglomerate tasked with transforming long established working culture, introducing efficiencies and accountability, overhauling long entrenched benefits and instigating severe staff cuts
  • VP of European aviation company operating in highly competitive and aggressive market in China, developing strategic management techniques and impactful communication skills with HQ
  • COO / Executive VP of global investment and asset management firm, to better manage and integrate cross-cultural team (US)
  • Managing Director of global medical device manufacturer, to improve delegation and better manage executive relationships
  • Newly appointed VP and Account Director of Fortune 50 IT company to accelerate success and develop strategies for new role (UK)
  • Managing Director of independent global consultancy to improve public persona and influencing skills, and develop a more commercially assertive stance in the market
  • Deputy GM (China) of global IT firm (China being their most important market) to improve interpersonal skills at all levels
  • Managing Director of global IT firm to improve upward influencing skills and groom for President role (China)
  • Managing Director of privately owned European company operating in China to develop leadership and management skills in a challenging multicultural environment, developing local staff and growing the business
  • Head of Science of MNC to develop global strategies and recruit key stakeholder buy-in (UK)
  • Brand Director of MNC to develop executive presence and gravitas (UK based)
  • Head of Government Affairs of Fortune 500 giant to improve strategic abilities for greater contribution to HQ (China)
  • Senior Manager of major bank to support through upheaval and change following major crisis, and devise both corporate and personal restructuring strategies
  • GM of privately owned manufacturer to prepare for enhanced global role and more strategic input (China)

Education and Professional Affiliations

  • Diploma – Institute of Export, UK
  • Mandarin-Beijing Language & Culture University
  • Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring,  Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring, UK
  • Myers-Briggs Steps 1 & 11 Accreditation
  • FIRO-B accreditation
  • MA, Coaching and Mentoring, Oxford Brookes University, UK