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Professional Experience

Carolyn’s deep coaching experience is grounded in 25+ years of pragmatic experience as a business and functional leader, by her diverse industry experience, and by her expertise designing leadership programs in Fortune 500 companies. Her clients appreciate her ability to build trusting relationships quickly, and her straight-forward, yet grounded and common-sense style that allows her to get to the heart of challenging issues.

Carolyn’s ongoing commitment to her professional growth enables her to bring her clients up-to-date tools and strategies foractivating their full potential. Whether it’s tackling complex challenges, or learning more effective behaviors and approaches for leading and managing others, Carolyn has provided coaching as one of her core offerings for the past 20 years. Her coaching engagements focus on helping leaders take on expanded roles, improve their ability to communicate, lead more effectively, and increase their spheres of influence. Her values of self-responsibility, honest communication and collaboration are cornerstones to her approach to working with others.

Recent Coaching Assignments

  • Chief Risk Executive of a major health insurance company working on developing an enterprise leadership mindset.
  • Chief Security Officer at an early stage mobile cyber-security tech firm to identify and prioritize strategic initiatives and influence effectively.
  • Physician executive/SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at a large insurance company to increase social awareness and building executive presence.
  • GM of a multi-national life sciences, diagnostics and applied genomics company to develop enterprise leadership capabilities.
  • VP Merchandise Planning for a global luxury retailer  focused on developing an enhanced-impact leadership presence and genuine interest in others that opens the door to bujild trust and more powerful professional relationships.
  • VP of a large retail bath products chain on developing an enterprise mindset, flexing her leadership style and building assertiveness.
  • Chief Strategy Officer at a financial mortage company to build his leadership brand and executive presence.
  • Chief Revenue Office at a start up technology company to develop self-awareness, a strategic mindset, and stronger customer relationships.
  • VP, Patent Strategy (M&A) for an Eletronics Technology Company – coaching focused on conveying a point of view effectively and seeking input from others with confidence and humility, as well as improving listening skills with peers and direct reports focused on opportunities for improvement.
  • Multiple VPs for a startup technology company in support of their ability to lead large teams and complex functions.
  • Director of Finance at a top fashion retailer to improve her ability to communicate and speak her truth in a way that builds respect, connection and trust.
  • Regional Director for a Fortune 500 company to develop a mature, grounded leadership presence that can maintain trusting, collaborative relationships.
  • VP for a Fortune 500 company to learn to live and speak with a grounded, self-confident presence.
  • Senior Manager of IT for a Fortune 500 company to express himself diplomatically and build his capability to communicate and listen with curiosity.
  • Senior VP of Technology for a Fortune 500 retail company to support her ability to have a presence through social media and build her confidence when speaking to large groups.
  • Regional Director for a premier roaster, marketer and retailer of specialty coffeeto to build his communication and listening skills in a way that invites others in.

Education and Professional Affiliations

  • Certified Integral Coach, New Ventures West – ICF Certification
  • Antioch University – Masters Degree – Whole Systems Design – Certificate in Organization Systems Renewal (Organization Development)
  • University of Massachusetts – Bachelor of Arts Degree – Management of Community Services
  • University of Washington – Training & Curriculum Development Certification; LEAN Certification
  • Certified to administer MBTI, the Conflict Deployment Profile (CDP), DiSC, Lominger and Hogan Assessments