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Professional Experience

Fabian Di Felice has 20 years of experience working in large multicultural and multinational companies, including BAT, Unilever and Transport for London. During this period he lived and worked in six countries located on four continents: Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, South Africa, Hong Kong and the UK. Fabian provides coaching in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Fabian’s coaching blends the multicultural awareness gained through his international career and his direct management experience in leading complex teams and organizations. He works with individual leaders and with members of intact teams to increase their self-awareness, to explore new ways of practicing their leadership, and to optimize their leadership effectiveness overall. Fabian frequently helps leaders to identify the intersection between their core passion and their unique abilities to allow for greater satisfaction in their careers.

Prior to his full time focus on developing others, Fabian personally held several senior top team and board positions in IT and marketing around the world. Currently, he consults and coaches primarily in Latin America and Europe.

Recent Coaching Assignments

  • CEO of a multinational food company to develop the skills needed to become a Global Board member for his organization
  • CIO of a global insurance firm to improve his interpersonal effectiveness with peers and superiors
  • Director of a Big-4 global consultancy firm to change the way she was feeling and acting when engaging with “potentially hostile” clients
  • A high profile senior public administration director to improve how he dealt with public criticism and to create a more balanced and genuine public impression
  • A senior marketing leader in a large global FMCG to deepen his listening skills, to practice consideration of others’ views, and to reduce his compulsion for being right
  • CEO of a family owned, mid-size company in plastics manufacturing to learn how to manage other managers as he led his company’s growth transformation

Education and Professional Affiliations

  • Degree in Industrial Engineering, Buenos Aires University, Argentina
  • Postgraduate studies in Industrial Administration, Sao Paulo University, Brazil
  • Certified as an Integral Coach® by New Ventures West
  • Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Serves on the New Ventures West PCC faculty in the UK
  • Completed Industrial Marketing Certification at the Fundacao Vanzolini, Brazil