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Professional Expertise

Jane is a business coach, consultant, educator, and coaching supervisor with 20 years of experience in business. For the past ten years, Jane has been immersed in the evolving profession of coaching in the UK. She was the first faculty member of the School of Coaching, the initial provider of a university accredited programme for executive coaches in the UK. Jane is also the founding Director of a boutique consultancy that develops bespoke coach training and conducts research into the academic understanding of the evolving profession of coaching.

Jane seeks a transformational shift for both the individual and the organization through impactful and thought-provoking conversations. She has highly attuned emotional intelligence, and keeps a balance between the “human” and the “business,” ruthlessness and compassion, and humour and authority in her coaching. She focuses on achieving both measurable qualitative and quantitative business results.

Her career as a coach and consultant has led to many interesting projects including: presenting at a national conference entitled “Having the Courage to Coach”; consulting with Russian psychologists keen to develop coaching in their country and working with a team to develop a coaching culture in fast moving industries in Central and Eastern Europe; and, developing a coaching assessment centre.

Jane has worked successfully with both individuals and senior teams. Her independent assignments have covered industries including manufacturing, IT, consultancy, private equity, accountancy, law, conglomerates, media, communications and the voluntary sector. She works mainly in the City and Europe, as well as in the Middle East.

Recent Coaching Assignments

  • CEO of a media company to position himself to the Board of a global organization and demonstrate his capability in new role
  • CFO taking on a new role, working with challenging Board members, supporting the CEO, managing the global team members in remote locations whilst implementing a change in organizational structure
  • Partner in a Big 4 accountancy to develop relationships with global clients and leverage personal strengths to achieve maximum impact within the partnership culture
  • CFO of a French National Bank (based in the UK) on managing the European inter-relationship, building a professional team, developing a wide range of leadership skills, and establishing work-life balance
  • Newly appointed senior partner of a global Big 4 law firm to address development issues ranging from managing personal impact across the fast growing business to implementing a new organisational strategy
  • Chief Executive of a multinational pharmaceutical company to build an executive team in a challenging multicultural environment, increase sales and production, and create a personal legacy before the next career move
  • Company Treasurer at a privately owned business in the Gulf region to work through the critical challenges of the first 100 days
  • Managing Director of an investment bank, working in three time zones, to confront very challenging work/life balance issues

Examples of Dyad Coaching

  • COO and CE of Audit/Transaction of global professional services firm. Objective was to achieve alignment where there was a lack of respect and trust. One was a pro-active demanding leader, oriented towards accuracy and detail, the other driven by outward-facing key relationships motivated by ambiguity and change, with an unstructured, intuitive style. The engagement involved both one-to-one coaching and coaching both leaders together in order to shift the understanding and dynamic between them.
  • Chief Cashier (CC) and direct report, Head of Department (HoD) Central Bank. Objective was to address a breakdown in communication and arising conflict about different standards. The CC was personable but difficult to get to know, and was an established leader with a reputation for evidence-based delivery of results. The HoD, who was new to his role, wanted to work autonomously and was not meeting the high standards of the CC. The methodology included one-to-one coaching before and after the dyad sessions to reconcile the challenges and to establish different ways of working.

Education and Professional Affiliations

Coach Training

  • Coaching Foundation Programme, Alexander Corporation
  • Certificate of Professional Development in Coaching, Strathclyde University
  • Certificate in the Supervision of Coaches, Bath Consultancy Group
  • Certificate in Gestalt Coaching, Academy of Executive Coaching

Certifications & Other

  • Certified in MBTI and FIRO-B
  • NLP Personal Mastery Programme and Business Practitioner
  • Psychosynthesis Trust – Foundation Programme
  • Centre for Professional Employment Counseling – Work Counseling Skills
  • Fellow Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Accredited Association of Professional Coaches and Supervisors (APECS)
  • Two film appearances; “Coaching for Improved Performance at Work” and “Coaching in Action”