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Professional Experience

Drawing on his experience as the former Chief General Manager of Gulf Bank, and COO of RHB bank, Tom coaches leaders in many industries to make significant, positive and lasting contributions to their companies.

Tom’s coaching approach helps his clients discover new ideas and possibilities through new ways of seeing current situations.  Tom especially enjoys working with leaders who seek to change not only behaviors, but beliefs and mindsets as well.

As a coach, Tom brings a global perspective with over thirty years of multi-national experience, having worked with leaders in both well-known MNCs and local organizations from the US, Middle East and Asia.

Tom was raised in Shanghai, educated in Hong Kong, England and the United States.  He speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin, with a rich combination of a Western management style/philosophy and an Asian heritage.

Recent Coaching Assignments


  • CEO of a world leader in project management for the energy industry to facilitate his onboarding to a global leadership position at HQ in Europe – influencing peers who were previously his bosses
  • 1-1 coaching of seven C-Suite executives of the one of largest global telecom firms as they led an organizational restructuring and major change effort
  • 1-1 coaching of four senior leaders of an energy company to develop stronger delegation skills and to improve employee engagement
  • MD of the largest service provider to the oil and gas industry on improving leadership skills, employee engagement, and management team development
  • Transformed senior management team of large telecom division to a high-performing team by inculcating a more open and collaborative culture through team building workshops

  Saudi Arabia

  • President of a major aluminum project to improve decision making by working more effectively with the CEO and MD of the country’s mining industry
  • Five C-Suite executives of a major mining company in Saudi Arabia to improve leadership skills as the organization grew exponentially in both staff and revenue base


  • CEO of a global information and communications technology services and solutions provider to build an organization that would support significant business expansion
  • CFO and the entire management team of a global pharmaceutical company, to develop a coaching and more collaborative culture through workshops and 1-1 coaching
  • GM of a global cement company to improve communication and leadership skills


  • Master coached and certified four senior HR executives to be internal coaches for a major US conglomerate


  • CFO for Asia Pacific of a Fortune 100 cosmetics company to become a stronger candidate to succeed the CEO
  • Regional Head for the world’s leading innovative crop science company on revamping the entire Asia business
  • Regional Sales Head of one of the largest automobile companies on multicultural challenges
  • Developing more collaborative teams for a major bank through 1-1 coaching and workshops


  • Head of Corporate Strategy of the largest industrial gas company on working with the Board members and CEO to focus on the key strategies of the company


  • SVP of Fortune 50 financial services company to transition into a new global role


Education and Professional Affiliations

  • MBA, Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business
  • BS, Mathematics, Columbia University/USF
  • PCC Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
  • Certified in various global assessment tools including MRG LEA 360; Harrison, WorkPlace Big 5; HOGAN, MBTI Trainer; ASSESS Executive assessment; ACCESS E-learning solutions
  • Certified NLP Trainer
  • Certified TRE (Trauma Release) trainer
  • Certified Laughter Yoga trainer
  • International Toastmasters – Advanced Communicator Gold
  • Coach, Instructor and Holder of 4th Degree Black Belt, WTF